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—(Brown and Proud with Police Respect)—

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First there was the Bad News Bears, then came Escape to Victory, except it was the other way around - now the Nannas prove that there's more to Indoor Soccer than the need for fierce relentless competition in the game's highest echelons, there's the need for accompanying web pages and the need to wear moustaches, there's beers at the Chief subsequent to, and a glimpse of sweaty flesh in the change-room, and of course the continuing high drama of Guy 'Clinch' Fraser's attempts to score a goal.

And now a quote from our mascot/spirit guide(something for the Nanna's to ponder while walking in the forest):

I'm so brown I make poo look white
-Bruce Lee

Weekly[more or less]Update.

Season 9 Wrapup - Season 10 Fighting Words
Youch, it's been a while. So much soccer and so little written about it. The Nannas won one season and then, in the dizzying heights of Division 5 -playing not 4 but 8 other teams- they went close only to fall at the second last hurdle by the closest of margins. Where to from here Nannas? This is the season that always stretches the Nannas, the festival circuit is in town, Nannas have artistic commitments that often supercede even the will to put on the brown Guernsey and be brown on a Thursday night. It's a season where often the Nannas will field a bare minimum meaning this season is going to be about guts and determination, about pain, about putting in, about gritting your teeth and sucking it up, about the bloodied fist of hard fought victory raised trimphantly in the air. This season the Nannas are going to be British Fleet going up against the vastly numerically superior Spanish Armada, we're going to be the Desert Rats holed up against swarms of Panzer driving Nazi's, we're going to be Mujahadeen taking on the might of the Soviet War Machine - and like them we will prevail.
  • Coach Out


*Brand New Nannas Action*

It's a Match Up to rival Ali vs. Foreman, more firepower than Aliens vs. Predator, more venom than The Purple Man vs. The Bald Ref: it is of course THE KURGEN vs. THE TERMINATOR and the Nannas Site has the Exclusive Video Footage. Will the lighting and the sword weilding techniques of the Immortal Kurgen be a match for the sheer machine power and artificial intelligence of The Terminator. There's only one way to find out; SEE IT FOR YOURSELF «here

Tired of just watching the Nannas play? Want to be a part of the action, but concerned about the physicallity involved ? Think you've got the hand eye coordination to play like a Nanna virtually? Then there's only one site to visit. Nannas Soccer™ is an exact replication* of what the Nannas go through week in week out, from the pre-game limber, through the mental rigours and mind games of 36 minutes of hard fought Division D2 indoor soccer, followed by the feeling of having three pots, a small spliff and a Chief Burger down at pub after the game.
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Les Murray Allstars - Our friends, who show what an indoor soccer team's site can look like when there's someone who can write decent html on board.

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